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New API Methods for OpenClinica - WDean Medical FHIR External Specification Implemented

wdeanmedicalwdeanmedical Posts: 18
edited August 2014 in Web Services & Integration

In an effort to provide Clinical Trials to EHR interoperability via HL7 FHIR we have successfully implemented the updated API that was announced a couple of months ago. This will be our last effort in this area for a while pending any new interest from the OpenClinica community but it was well worth it.   A demo of it in action can be found at: http://www.screencast.com/t/4zoOffhc

Method List:

POST /ext/{json/xml}/auth

Authorize a service client by credentials submitted via POST.

GET /ext/{json/xml}/getPatient/{patientMRN}

Get a patient by ID

GET /ext/{json/xml}/getPatients

Get all patients

GET /ext/{json/xml}/getPatientFullRecord/{patientMRN}

Get the patient’s full record, including all encounters

POST /ext/{json/xml}/updatePatient/{patientMRN}

Update a patient by ID with FHIR formatted patient data in POST header.

POST /ext/{json/xml}/importPatients

Import patients from FHIR formatted patient data in POST header.

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  • ccollinsccollins Posts: 379 admin
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    Thanks for sharing Nick!

    So if I understand correctly, the video shows the FHIR-compatible API of
    your EHR system. To tie it to OpenClinica one would have to write the
    client API on the OC side, so OpenClinica could authenticate, get patient
    data, and push patient data back into the EHR. This would include
    formatting the data in the way FHIR understands, with mapping of
    OpenClinica's built-in fields and/or custom eCRF fields to the FHIR
    document. Is that right?

  • wdeanmedicalwdeanmedical Posts: 18
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    Thanks Cal. Yes, you described the process exactly.

    - Nick

    On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 12:43 PM, ccollins
  • sadigasadiga Posts: 17
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    While integrating of OpenClinica with OpenSpecimen, where we had similar
    requirements, we did the following:
    * Wrote a Java program to periodically monitor the OpenClinica Audit table
    for add and edit of subject records
    * For any new records, the monitoring program will send a XML message
    which contains all the information to Mirth Connect (
    * On receiving the message, Mirth will process it and send it to
    OpenSpecimen using its REST APIs.

    This way we avoided making code changes within OpenClinica so that we do
    not have to bother about it during upgrades to newer versions.


    On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 11:44 PM, wdeanmedical <[email protected]
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