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Still looking for a way to automatically extract SDV status for CRFs

I'm working with a hosted instance of OpenClinica, so web services look like the only way to extract data. I've had some success with this approach, for example the Notes and Discrepancies CRF download and the REST interface. However, getting information about when CRFs have been SDVed continues to elude me. 

I got all excited when I learnt about the CRF_STATUS_SUMMARY table in the downloadable datamart format of a dataset, with the following columns:

  crf_status_initial_data_entry  integer,
  crf_status_double_data_entry  integer,
  crf_status_data_entry_complete  integer,
  crf_status_locked  integer,
  crf_status_initial_data_entry_complete  integer,  
  event_status_data_entry_started  integer,
  event_status_completed  integer,
  event_status_signed  integer,
  event_status_skipped  integer,
  event_status_stopped  integer,
  event_status_locked   integer,

My excitement evaporated when I looked at the script and saw the the insert statements that populate this table:

  INSERT INTO xxxxxxxxxx.crf_status_summary 
  (site_name, ssoid, ssid, study_event_oid, crf_name, crf_version, warehouse_insert_created_timestamp)
  VALUES ( xxxxxxx', 'xxx_10001010', 'xxxxxx-010', 'XXXXXXXXX_3827', 'T Xxxxxx Xxxxxx', 'v1.0' ,'2015-01-21T17:56:29.59Z');

Clearly those columns are never going to get populated.

So, am I out of options?


  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,318 ✭✭✭

    Why don't you use:

    Source Data Verification for Default Study Help

    View By Event CRF
    View By Study Subject ID

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    Separator   The table is sorted by Event Date
    Select:  All Shown,   None
    SDV Status
    Study Subject ID
    Site ID
    Person ID
    Secondary ID
    Event Name
    Event Date
    Enrollment Date
    Subject Status
    CRF Name / Version
    SDV Requirement
    CRF Status
    Last Updated Date
    Last Updated by
    Study Event Status
     Apply Filter   Clear Filter 
    SDV Complete
    0037 default-study JK A0045 Demo 1(1) 06-Nov-2014 06-Nov-2014 available AE/ 1 Not Required Event CRF Status 06-Nov-2014 Root User available
    Results 1 - 1 of 1.
  • Hi Kristiak!

    That's the page with the data that I'm after. (Well, almost -- it doesn't show the date when the CRF was SDVed). However, I'm trying to get this information automatically, and I'm not desperate enough yet to write code to do screen-scraping and handle the pagination.
  • lindsay.stevenslindsay.stevens Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
    via Email
    I'm nearly done doing another round of updates to my reporting extension,
    sqldatamart. It works with the database directly.

    There is a data set included that shows CRF status, which includes the sdv

    One of the new data sets shows the sdv status history, for example when it
    had been set and then automatically unset by changes.
    On 23/01/2015 3:45 AM, "richard.a.close"
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