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Insert the value from a field in another.....

How I can take the value write in a two field and combine in one field
Example Field1: 000 Field2:222 FieldResult:000-222


  • jkeremianjkeremian Posts: 29
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    Hi there,

    Under the DestinationProperty of InserAction, I would try something like this:
    I_Field1 +
  • MichelMichel Posts: 20
    Some things like this
    I_Field1 + I_Field2
  • MichelMichel Posts: 20
    Some things like this
    DestinationProperty OID="IG_TDSDE_LESIONS[2].I_TDSDE_ANATOMIC_SEGMENT" Value="Vertebral column">I_Field1 + I_Field2 </DestinationProperty
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