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REST Architecture query doesn't work

Hello, I'm working with OpenClinica 3.11 Community Edition Appliance - JUNO Study (Demo)

I found REST ful API documents, so I tested each query whether it works well.

However, some of them doesn't work at all so I decided to ask other's comments.

I could get an API key using the api below
User_Account -Retrieve a user account

Post : /pages/accounts/login

With the acquired api-key, I've tested other query that api-key is necessary.

However, I only get HTTP status code 401 (unauthorized)

I'm using python to send a query and detailed query informations are at below
Form - Complete a Participate Event

Put : /pages/auth/api/v1/studyevent/studysubject/{studysubject}/studyevent/{studyevent}/ordinal/ ...

full query :
r = session.put(baseURL + '/pages/auth/api/v1/studyevent/studysubject/SS_100001/studyevent/SE_1WEEKFU/ordinal/1/complete', headers = {'content-type' : 'application/json', 'api_key' : 'My api key'})

What can be the possible problem of this result?

Please help me, thank you


  • toskriptoskrip Posts: 271 ✭✭✭

    the reason why this is not working is because this service is for usage with participate forms (and it looks like you are trying to use it with standard eCRFs). So you probably also need to have participate module activated for this to work and it should be only triggered for eCRF flagged explicitly as participate eCRFs.

    In participate workflow, once the eCRF is scheduled in OpenClinica it gets status
    "Not Started". These eCRF are than displayed to the participant via the participate portal as new that are waiting for data entry. Once the data entry is done and data submitted back to OpenClinica it gets status "available". Such eCRFs are than still available for further editing via the participate portal. The service that you describe is used as final step in participate data collection workflow. It allows the participate portal to mark the eCRF as completed and afterwards it will not be visible in the portal and the participant cannot further edit it.

    hope it helps

  • chleechlee Posts: 2
    Thank you Tomas, I've checked what you said.

    However, In my Tasks > Build Study, there is no Participate module that is disabled.

    So, I cannot request access to OpenClinica Participate for the Study. Is this a problem because I'm using demo version??
  • toskriptoskrip Posts: 271 ✭✭✭
    Yeah in demo it is unlikely to work. Participate first need to be enabled datainfo.properties file where you need to define portalURL attribute. However Participate is enterprise service which means that the participate Portal is not available as open source system. In order to allow the use of ePRO features by installing Enketo and meditation participate portal API you would need to perform certain changes in OC code base.

    So what is your use case, if you share your story a bit I could point you to the right direction. Are you going to use ePRO? Because the "Form - Complete a Participate Event" service is only useful within ePRO data collection scenarios.


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