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Hi All, I have been reading up a bit in the technical documentation on the REST and SOAP API and from what I see, it does not look like the REST API currently has resources to import data/create resources in OC. Am a missing some glaringly obvious documentation please?

I also read in general OC docs that there isa move to the REST API, which is why I was looking there for things like create a subject, import event etc.


  • ebsebs Posts: 135 ✭✭
    Documentation seems to pre-date this resource for REST...


  • OCStuOCStu Posts: 12
    @ebs ah, thank you. I recognise that resource, now that you list it. I am still very new to OC, so I must have just stumbled on it and could not find it again!!

  • ebsebs Posts: 135 ✭✭
    No worries.

    This forum is usually pretty good at helping out. There are definately a few hurdles when starting out so just post if you are looking for help.

  • OCStuOCStu Posts: 12
    Thank you, that's good to know.
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