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Notification of coming events (not email)

We are having a rather intense study with quite a few follow-up visits. I have written a rule to automatically schedule all the events for a certain subject - it works fine. But there is no information for investigators about upcoming events. With the e-mail rule it will be multiple e-mails for multiple subjets and it does not seem to be convenient.
WHAT I WANT: to let the investigator know about upcoming events for all his subjects. The best thing will be if on the first page instead or together with the "scheduled" icon there is a date of the visit, or a different color for visits next month, next week, tomorrow, out of date etc (but I guess, it's not an option). Is there any way I could generate a monthly or weekly plan for the investigator, or just when he logs in he should be able to see the scheduled events for this week with dates?
I am not very good with explanations, but what I mean is, for example, You have 50 subjects registered, all their visits are scheduled and the investigator can get an idea of what time each visit is scheduled to. (the only thing I can think of is an excel sheet, where You put subject's ID, target date, all visits' dates are calculated automatically and put in subsequent cells. Depending on the time between today and the date of visit they are colored differently - the obvious disadvantage is the inconvenience of having something outside the crf)
I am sure somebody managed to work out a convenient scheduling and timetabling.
Will be very grateful for experience share.


  • lkeitalkeita Posts: 50
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    Hi Alex,

    If the investigator goes to Tasks > View Events, s/he can see all the
    events that are coming up in the next month. There is a filter option at
    the top of the page, and s/he can modify the filters as needed to see
    aspecific events, a specific event status, or different date range (the
    default is to view all events all statuses for the current month).

    For more information, see

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards,


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  • Thanks! that's exactly what I was looking for. Is there any way to Unschedule events or make them invisible, i.e. after the initial visit let's say 10 follow-up visits are scheduled by a rule, it might happen, that a subject dies on f-up visit 3.. In that case I would like to hide/unschedule/stop reminding/change color of all subsequent visits, as obviously they wouldn't be done under these circumstances. What is the best way around?
  • lkeitalkeita Posts: 50
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    Hi - I'm glad that worked for you! The easiest way to change the status of
    scheduled events for a subject is to view the subject casebook (click the
    view icon on the subject matrix). Then, click the pencil/edit icon in the
    fourth column (the Actions column). You can then select the appropriate
    status (skipped) from the drop-down list for the event status. You'll have
    to do this on an event-by-event basis, but it can all be done on the view
    subject casebook page.

    I hope this helps as well!


    [image: Inline image 1]

    Best regards,


    *Laura Keita *|* OpenClinica, LLC*
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  • Thank You for Your prompt reply. I've just tried that and I have to confess, that's not convenient at all, as it takes a lot of time if one wants to skip 10+visits. Is there any other option? A rule? A script? Maybe a way to freeze a subject, to mark him in a certain way for the investigator not to go through all visits to find out if the patient is alive
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