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XML is Not Well formed on Import

Hi All,

I am trying to import data to a study and having some difficulties! I keep getting the "your XML is not well formed " return from the web service.

I have sent SOAP requests via OxygenXML and SOAP UI and the Mirth Connect platform (other web services) , very successfully, but for some reason cannot get an import working.

I have attached a SOAP envelope. The ODM works when imported via the data import in the OC Web UI. It fails with the same response in both Oxy and SOAPUI.

I have seen the other discussions with the same problem and formatted the envelope and request as was suggested in those, but it still fails.

I know it has to be in the envelope somehow, I just can't see where !!

I have attached a sample (as a txt file) - all data items that were even vaguely useful are replaced with ????

Could someone please point out my stupididty!!

Thanks in advance.




  • RCHENURCHENU Posts: 204
    And if you change your SOAP-ENV to soapenv ?
  • RCHENURCHENU Posts: 204
    The env I use, if you want to try with it.
  • OCStuOCStu Posts: 12

    I got some debug turned on and it does not look to me like the attempt is event getting to the point where its trying to import the ODM.

    I can see the output below in the log file.

    This is the last entry in the log. When I compare it to a WS call that succeeds I can see the actual query run by the WS etc. The difference between the 2 calls is that this one contains ODM to import.

    My account is set up as far as I know for WS access, are there any special permissions or things that i might need to attend to in the OC environment to enable things for OC Import via Web Services?

    As far as I know this was not a "fresh clean" install but a copy from an existing environment.

    Any and all suggestions gratefully received!!

    Log File Extract
    02/16 10:24:53 [] AUTHPRIV DEBUG o.a.o.d.c.PreparedStatementFactory:70 -
    found object name:[java.lang.String] [1] value[?????]
    02/16 10:24:53 [] AUTH DEBUG o.a.o.d.l.UserAccountDAO:223 - Executing dynamic query, EntityDAO.select:query select * from study_user_role where user_name=?
    02/16 10:24:53 [] FTP DEBUG o.a.o.ws.DataEndpoint:112 - rootElement=null
    02/16 10:24:53 [] FTP DEBUG o.a.o.ws.DataEndpoint:325 - sending fail message Your XML is not well-formed.

  • OCStuOCStu Posts: 12
    Well well. I noticed immediately that your ODM element has no namespace declarations in it.

    Mine was constructed from examples on site that are working.

    Thank you vv much for the input.

    I didn't use the whole env, just removed the namespaces from my ODM and it imported the document fine.


  • toskriptoskrip Posts: 267 ✭✭✭

    try to remove the namespaces from your ODM root element. I think I seen this once and from that time I try to use simple ODM without namespaces info.

  • toskriptoskrip Posts: 267 ✭✭✭
    :) you figured it out faster on your own than I finished writing it here
  • OCStuOCStu Posts: 12
    Well, to be fair, there was help from RCHENU with a working SOAP request.

    Thanks to you both for input.

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