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RE: [Developers] the ODM MetaData of the OpenClinica ODM xmlexportproblem!

Hi Jozef and Jim,

In OpenClinica 3.0.3 there was a bug with duplicate ItemGroupDef’s which was a result of removing the –FormOID from each particular ItemGroupDef in the metadata.

This has been resolved in 3.0.4.


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Sent: Saturday, September 25, 2010 6:28 AM
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Subject: Re: [Developers] the ODM MetaData of the OpenClinica ODM xmlexportproblem!

I checked the export with the "CDISC ODM Checker" (which is freely available for CDISC members) and indeed found that there is a lot wrong with this export.
The 3 mentioned ItemGroups are each twice defined within the same MetaDataVersion, which is a violation of the standard.
Even worse is that each of the two ItemGroupDefs with the same OID contain different ItemRefs. This then again leads to serious problems when checking the clinical data.

The "checking report" can be obtained from me by a separate (off-list) mail.

With best regards,

Jozef Aerts
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