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Web Services and MATLAB

Dear all,
I wonder whether there is someone out there who has successfully implemented an interface between OC WebServices and MATLAB? I have successfully created an xml message to connect to the StudySubject service and list all subject. This xml works perfectly fine from soapUI. When I use it in MATLAB, I can send the request via MATLABs callSoapService. The return argument is a java string like this
Content-Type: application/xop+xml; charset=utf-8; type="text/xml"
MATLAB then gets confused parsing this response, because of the leading and trailing ------=_Part... lines. I'm not sure whether me, MATLAB or OpenClinica is doing something strange here.
I'd be grateful for any hints what might be going on there.

Volkmar Glauche
Freiburg Brain Imaging
University Freiburg Medical Center
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