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Dear Evarist,

OpenClinica has a set of procedures to import data in XML format. You will find them under SUBMIT DATA you will a section called IMPORT DATA. With this function you can test your import file until you get it to work. It will tell you in clear text what the problem is if it does not work. Under ADMINISTRATION JOBS you can then set up automatic imports of data form a certain directory on your server. It will look for data every 10 minutes to once a day. You will also get a log that shows you what has been reported. The other part of the story is a little bit more involved. I do not know any Open Source software that does this, but that’s because I have not looked. We simply send a email from the IPHONE and then extracts the data using Microsoft Access to produce the needed XML file required by OpenClinica. The attached XML file is an example what it will look like! This file loads some lab data into OpenClinica. You will have to format the data according to your database and e-CRF’s.

Good luck

Best Regards


From: Evarist B. Msaki [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 12 May 2011 08:34
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Dear Krister,
Can you help me on how to automatically upload PDA data or IPHONE data to OpenClinica.
And accordign to your experince is there any free opensource software like pendragon Software
for designing form and uploading it into PDA,
Evarist Beda Msaki
Data Manager and Programmer
Mwanza Intervention Trials Unit
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