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[Developers] Oops! An error has occurred while trying to enterdata

Re: [Developers] Oops! An error has occurred while trying to enterdata
Hi Cuneyt,

I see the following error in your logs many times, which is probably causing the error page in data entry:

08/30 10:13:53 [OpenClinica] USER ERROR root o.a.o.c.s.InitialDataEntryServlet:547 - java.lang.ClassCastException: org.akaza.openclinica.bean.core.Term cannot be cast to org.akaza.openclinica.bean.core.ItemDataType
at org.akaza.openclinica.bean.core.ItemDataType.get(ItemDataType.java:76)
at org.akaza.openclinica.bean.submit.ItemBean.setItemDataTypeId(ItemBean.java:186)
at org.akaza.openclinica.dao.submit.ItemDAO.getEntityFromHashMap(ItemDAO.java:175)
at org.akaza.openclinica.dao.core.AuditableEntityDAO.executeFindAllQuery(AuditableEntityDAO.java:260)
at org.akaza.openclinica.dao.submit.ItemDAO.findAllParentsBySectionId(ItemDAO.java:222)
at org.akaza.openclinica.control.submit.DataEntryServlet.getParentDisplayItems(DataEntryServlet.java:3502)
at org.akaza.openclinica.control.submit.DataEntryServlet.getDisplayBean(DataEntryServlet.java:3349)
at org.akaza.openclinica.control.submit.DataEntryServlet.processRequest(DataEntryServlet.java:524)

I have logged this as a bug to be replicated on our end and tested, as it looks like a problem with some form metadata. You can see it here at https://issuetracker.openclinica.com/view.php?id=11012 and if you have additional information, please feel free to update the ticket.

Thanks, Tom
Tom Hickerson | Senior Tier-2 Engineer
[email protected]
Open Source Platform for Clinical Research
Sent: Wed 8/31/2011 15:02
To: Artsiom Miklushou
Cc: [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: Re: [Developers] Oops! An error has occurred while trying to enterdata
Thanks, this is the log file.
On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 1:01 PM, Artsiom Miklushou wrote:
> Hi,
> please, attach log files to see on problem more detailed.
> On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 12:22 PM, Cuneyt Parlayan
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We are getting an "Oops! An error has occurred" bug while trying to
>> enter data with a (rather simple) crf.
>> We tried to upload the crf with a different name and event, same happens.
>> A new version, again same happens.
>> It uploads ok, but when trying to enter data it fails with that oops bug!
>> And to make it even more strange, the crf works fine on another system
>> which runs exactly the same software on. (w2008/pg8.4.1/OC3.1)
>> Is someone else getting this and, what is the suggestion to get rid of it?
>> --
>> Cuneyt Parlayan
>> Datamanager
>> Department of Pathology
>> Room: ZH 0 E 50
>> VU University Medical Center
>> Amsterdam
>> phone: +31 20 4444025
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