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[Developers] While extracting data set an error occurs and systembecomes unstable

Hi Cuneyt,
There is an error message mentioning the $linkURL variable which is
present in the extract.properties file. The system is continually
trying to show you a message with a link, but it is failing.
Did you edit the extract.properties file in anyway, potentially changing
the variable from $linkURL to just linkURL? Which type of export were
you running?
Instead of restarting tomcat, can you log out and log back in to resolve
the problem?
Paul J. Galvin
Project Manager
Open Source Platform for Clinical Research
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Subject: [Developers] While extracting data set an error occurs and
systembecomes unstable
Hi all,
We have exactly the same problem with Jacob.
I suspect the problem of Julie also has to do with this bug.
We are using 3.1 on W2008 server and pg 8.4.
The study is made new in this version.
Unlike Julie, we have only one CRF.
When we try to extract dataset an error is thrown and nothing is
(see OCexportbug_log.txt)
After that if we try to view data, we see the "Oops! error occured"
(see OCViewBugAfterExport.txt)
Resating tomcat fixes the view problem but when we attempt to export
again, everything starts all over again.
I attached the log files.
Best, Cuneyt.
On Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 10:59 AM, Jacob John wrote:
> > I had recently upgraded the installation of openclinica to 3.1.1
> > edition. Now when we try to extract a dataset - an error is thrown and
> > dataset gets created. Could someone please advice as to what might be
> > issue. I am still able to download datasets with data from older
> >
> > Jacob John
> >
> >
> >
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