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[Developers] read ony user.

Hi Arturo,

Yes, OpenClinica will have configurable user roles in the next feature release. It will be very easy for an administrator to create a read-only role via the UI. We’ll probably keep the pre-existing default roles as is but adding ‘read-only user’ as a pre-installed role is a good suggestion too.

We’ll have an alpha version of the software with this functionality and some draft documentation/specs available soon.

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Subject: [Developers] read ony user.

Dear all,

We have a problem with the users’ types and roles in OC. OC does not have a read-only user that can access the study without modifying the data. In Spain is mandatory to have a read-only user for the Health Authorities in case they want to audit the study. The inspector would connect with the read-only user to the app to see and to review the data. I believe other countries have the same issue because we have had that kind of requirements for other studies that we do not have in OC.

How does OC manage users and roles?
Will OC have had a read only user in next releases?

I think users and roles must be managed via data base and not via code. It is powerful and easiest to admin, create new users…

Thanks to all.

Kind regards,

Arturo Touchard Vicente.
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