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Show hide question (possible bug)

Dear all,
We have defined a dropdown box with 6-7 items, and a series of items,
all hidden.
Depending on the selected item of the dropdown box, one or more of the
items will be shown.
What happens is: The CRF works properly for the first time. But, if
the user changes her mind and selects another item from the dropdown
box, the item that was "showed" for the first selection remains on the
screen. This goes on and on, until eventually all items become shown
on the screen. If store button is hit and later "continue entering
data" button is hit to enter more data, all hidden fields are shown.
This happens up to 3.1.2 alpha.
Has anyone seen this before?
-- Cuneyt Parlayan Datamanager Department of Pathology VU University Medical Center Amsterdam - The Netherlands
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