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Audit log for double data entry is very cumbersome

We are attempting to use the audit log for confirming our double data entry process (i.e. have 3rd person go over the audit log and check any of the data value updated rows). But is there any way to filter the audit log to only show data discrepancies between 1st and 2nd users?

There is a lot of extraneous information listed in the audit report that really confuses the issue. There doesn’t seem to be any way to export the data to excel or something that would allow for sorting or filtering to only see the information we want. This must be a problem for others using double data entry, how are they dealing with this issue? We literally have a 20-30 page report with less than one page of “data value updated” rows that actually need to be checked. It is very inefficient way to do our data auditing.

Any ideas or solutions out there?



  • Hi Mark,

    Sorry that no one has been able to come up with a solution for you so far - this sounds like a good idea for a feature request, where we could filter audit log rows by action, much like we do in other tables. If you have an account in our Issue Tracker system, could you fill out this as a feature request to the system?

    Many thanks in advance, Tom

    Tom Hickerson | Senior Tier-2 Engineer
    [email protected]
    Open Source Platform for Clinical Research
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