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big problem/wish bug ?

I am planing a multicentric study using OC 3.0 beta. Is there a way to
hide study subjects data from investigators that didn't enter the data
for that patients. We will have many investigators entering their
patients data, but I want that only the doctor that treats his patient
can see the data he entered, because of the privacy concerns.
Is this possible ? Which roles (Data Manager ?, Investigator ?) should I
assign to the users, so they can't see other patients data ? Is there a
way to do it ?
This feature is very important for me, if it doesn't exist, then OC is
usles for me for this study.
I have tried to use Investigators role for two test investigators and they can still see (and edit even if Data entry closed ??) the patients that belong to the other invetigator ...
Thank you for your answer ...
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