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OC3.0 on oracle 10g - Trigger compilation

I am running OC3.0 on oracle 10g, after completing the default
installation there is a invalid object ( compilation error) in the
trigger "dataset_item_status_bef_trg"
The code is given below
create or replace trigger dataset_item_status_bef_trg
before insert on dataset_item_status
for each row begin
if :new.id is null
then select
DATASET_ITEM_STATUS_ID_SEQ.nextval into :new.id from dual;
end if;
The line " if :new.id is null" should actually be "if
:new.dataset_item_status_id is null"
As there is no column called "ID" in the table "DATASET_ITEM_STATUS"
the column name is "DATASET_ITEM_STATUS_ID"
The trigger code needs to be changed to reflect the column name.
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