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Cannot reassign to Study level; is this expected behaviour?

Hi Gerben,
Ok, thank you for info. I just wonder if I can create subjects on Study level and work with them on Study level as if it was a Site, what's the reasoning behind not being able to truly use the Study as a Site. Perhaps a short comment on this from Akaza?
Best regards,
"Gerben Rienk"
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21-09-2012 17:43
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Re: [Users] Cannot reassign to Study level;is this expected behaviour?

Hi Janus,

I think this is indeed expected behaviour: it never occurred to me you would want to assign a Subject “back” to Study-level. And the dosc do not mention this as an option:

Gerben Rienk
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Onderwerp: [Users] Cannot reassign to Study level; is this expected behaviour?

I can reassign a study subject from study level to site level, but I cannot assign from site level to study level. Is this expected behaviour? OpenClinica 3.1.2.
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