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Validation claims that the string value read in is not in the correct response set

Dear OC Community,
I am attempting to import some existing data via the OCDataImporter (2.0.2). The CRFs we have designed have checkboxes (could be transformed into radio buttons if that would make our lives easier) which have 4 responses “AB, BC, CD, DE”, which record the strings “AB”,”BC”,”CD”,”DE” into the database. These were originally assigned the (INT) values of 1,2,3,4, in the CRF, but recoding all of the existing data to match those numeric values is not the preferred option.

So, when the data file contains “AB” or any of the others, the import step makes it all the way to the validation phase, and the error message “AB is not in the correct response set” is shown for those values.

How can I import these “free form” values while leaving the CRF structure intact with the checkbox setup for when we are acquiring new data? Is recoding really the only option?


Jonathan Scabich
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