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What's new in development - What would you like to see in Print CRF?

Hi Alicia,

I have downloaded the SNAPSHOT and loaded some 200 patients into it. I have so far failed to locate the new print functions. Should I load WS as well?

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Subject: [Users] What's new in development - What would you like to see in Print CRF?

Dear OpenClinica Community,

Our development team is doing some exciting work and we would love to share it
with you and get your feedback.

We’re putting out a developer release so that you can download and test out some of the new functionality. The primary focus of the next release will be around the next generation of Printed CRFs, and this developer release will give you a good preview. For the techies out there, you can dig into some more of the details here: http://blog.openclinica.com/2013/04/26/new-openclinica-developer-release-revamped-print-module/

There has been a lot of discussion lately on the forums about what is being worked on so I’d like give everyone an overview:

What’s New:
Next generation of Print CRF!
RESTful architecture for access to metadata and Print CRFs
LDAP integration - OpenClinica has been configured to work with LDAP

Changes and Fixes:
Updates to Enterprise Data Mart* to address column and table naming conventions; control of width with truncation and new mapping table.
Updates to the javascript libraries so that OpenClinica can run on more browsers and versions of browsers (primary fix for Firefox update 20+)
Fixed discrepancy notes rendering. Addressed a niche issue where duplicates may be displayed on CRFs which were hidden from a site. For more information please see the Jira ticket:
Updates and enhancements to Metadata ODM 1.3 Full with OpenClinica extensions. The metadata is now more robust; work was done to support the new model for Print CRF.

In addition to the work directly related to the product, we’re also making some great operational changes. We’re moving to a new issue tracking/project management tool, Jira. We’re using this internally until we’ve completed the work to make it publicly accessible with your www.openclinica.com username and password – once this is done you’ll have the same type of access that you did to the OpenClinica Issue Tracker but hopefully you’ll find the tool a lot nicer to work with and have better visibility into what we are currently working on. We’re also making progress on continuous integration and automated regression testing.
Again, we would love to get your feedback. We really appreciate all of the contributions made from the community and early feedback is a great way you can help shape the product and future of OpenClinica!

To download the Development release go here: https://community.openclinica.com/project/openclinica#dev

Best Regards,
Alicia & The Development Team
OpenClinica, Product Owner
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