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simple conditional display and single select. .

You can still use a list. In the DEFAULT_VALUE field put a null value such as (select one) and this will avoid the first value in your list being automatically selected.
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To keep it simple I will make an example:
I have a first field called tumour type, which is a single select from (Brain, Lungs, Prostata, Head and Neck, Other).
Now I have 5 other fields (also single select) which are normally hidden. There is defined SIMPLE_CONDITIONAL_DISPLAY condition depending on the first tumour type field. Because I want to show only one of those 5 fields.
Now when user select Lungs, in the first field. It shows second single select field (this works). The user select one value from the second field and try to save the CRF. It produces validation error on save and made all of those 5 fields visible.
This is the behaviour of single select that it automatically selects the first value from the list (even if it is hidden). The way which Manoj recommend (using radio) will probably work because radio single select support non checked option, however the list of options can be quite big and I would prefer to display them in drop down list. Is there any other way how to go around this? Maybe defining visibility, hide XML rules will be better?
On 14.10.2013 12:47, Tina D Purnat wrote:
I might not understand the situation properly: You have a main field that shows/hides a field base don one value. If main field is not equal to a value, then the dependent field must not be shown/have data?
I think your problem is related to what happens when you change the value of the field that drives show/hide of the dependent field.
Data that was initially entered into the dependent field (which was displayed conditionally) does not get invalidated/deleted because you changed the value in the field triggering hide/show. It might not be logical to have a value in that field anymore, but the change requires human action.
The investigator must fix the problematic data in the dependent fields that are not relevant anymore. Validation helps to remind them.
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2013/10/14 Skripcak, Tomas >
Hallo everyone,
I found one rather strange behaviour with simple conditional display in CRF. Lets say that I have one single select field in CRF and depending on selected value in this field I would like to display another single select CRF field (one from many).
When no data are entered it looks fine. When I select the first single select CRF, the other field is displayed according to my need. However when I change the value in a main single select it displays the other appropriate single select, but it does not hide the one which was displayed before.
Also when I try to save the CRF data it produces validation errors that data are selected for single select CRF fields which should be hidden.
I think it is caused because the single select behaviour, which automatically select first data item (does not allow - null value).
Can anybody share experience how to deal with this type of situations?
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