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bookmarklet for showing all table rows / saving a filter

Hi users,
I've been using a nifty little bookmarklet for a while that I thought I should share.
The following tables, which use the same filter URL switches, often have more than one page of information, which I tend to want to see all at once:
- view subject
- users
- sites
- crfs
Once you start sorting or navigating through these pages, a bunch of filter URL switches get added. For example, a view subject URL is initially like:
But when sorted by the start date column it becomes:
The switches of interest to me are 'ebl_paginated' (true=1, false=0; when true, splits the table into pages) and 'ebl_sortColumnInd' (integer; index of column to sort by starting at 0).
With a little bit of javascript I can add these switches to my current URL so I can see everything in the table and have it sorted by the first column:
javascript:var url=window.location.href; if (!url.match(/\?/)){url+='?';} else {url+='&';} url += 'ebl_paginated=0&ebl_sortColumnInd=0';window.location = url;
The javascript:
1. checks the current URL,
2. adds a question mark if there isn't one already (view subject does initially, site/crf/users does not initially),
3. adds an ampersand if there is already a question mark (so that the switches just get added for view subject and you stay on the current subject),
4. adds the switches I want
5. sets the new location as the modified URL
So for example I can go to a view subject page, click my bookmarklet (which I named 'Depaginate'), and the page reloads with a table that shows everything.
The other tables, like Subject Matrix, Notes and Discrepancies, Rules, etc use different switches but the same technique can be used - e.g. you could save a folder of bookmarks to filter for each site, rather than doing so by changing into each site. The main difference with these tables is that I can't (or havent' figured out how to) modify the maxRows switch to show any other amount than 15, 25 or 50 rows at a time.
Best regards,
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