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Subject group specific CRF

toskriptoskrip Posts: 279 ✭✭✭
I am just wondering, what is the recommended way of defining CRF for
certain subject group type. Lets say that I have a subject group defined
(Treatment arm) with two options (Primary, Adjuvant). And I have e.g.
two follow up CRFs one for Primary subject and one for Adjuvant subject.
I did not find a good way how of telling OpenClinica to show just
Primary follow up CRF for patient from primary group.
The only solutions which I have right now is:
1. Having one Follow-up event definition with tow CRF (Primary,
Adjuvant) defined as optional, because all the time only one will be
filled with data.
2. Having two Follow-up events each one for specific CRF (Primary or
Adjuvant), every time of of the event will have to be set as skipped.
I think I read somewhere that one option is to use sites as groups and
there define specific CRF for each site. However, this will not work for
me because I have multicentre study setup.
What do you recommend to use? First or second approach? Or maybe
somebody has a better solution for this?
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