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[OpenClinica Developers] RE: [Developers] Developer Release

Hi Jamuna,

It works fine in Firefox and the XML file looks fine as well. (both attached). The clinical data is all there. One small observation. If you look at the bottom of the page there is “textarea” field with a comment “Everything looks normal” Would be nice if the actual text entry is separated from the header more clearly with a : or if the header is in bold.


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Hi krister
Thank you for testing the build. Could you test it out in Firefox if you are not already doing so? If it is browser related, it would be nice if you could send back the JavaScript error you are seeing.

You may as well want to check if XML that renders the print is coming up as well, this can be tested by replacing /html/print in the print URL with /xml/ view and check to make sure if the clinical data part is showing up correctly in the XML.
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On Mar 1, 2014, at 9:14 AM, "Krister Kristianson" wrote:
Hi Joe!

I installed this new SNAPSHOT on a laptop running WIN 8.1. Everything seems to work in the same way as the current release. Printing an empty CRF works fine as before but printing with data just presents an empty white screen. Is there anything in particular you want us to look for and test?

Best regards

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Hi everyone,
I'm pleased to announce OpenClinica developer releases for web and web services are now available on community website. Please feel free to download the builds from the following link:
For Release Documentation , please refer to the following link:
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OpenClinica - Printable Forms.htm
OpenClinica - Printable Forms
Default Study (default-study)
Demo: 01-Mar-2014 - 01-Mar-2014
Event Status: completed

Study Subject: 1
CRF Status: data entry complete
Section Title: THE SHACT STUDY
Please fill in the required information
Ultrasound done? *

Ultrasound date *

IUD visible
Not visible

Top position from fundal serosal surface

Malposition if yes specify

Non-central position
Extending into myometrium or section scar
Perforation of uterine wall (intrabdominal)

Other observations and comments
Everything looks normal

_C__Users_krist_000_Documents_OpenClinica_CRF_Printable.pdf 63.4 KB
OpenClinica - Printable Forms.htm 15.9 KB
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