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Development release - deployment

Hi everyone, I am new in OpenClinica and I have a few knowledge in J2EE development. I downloaded the source code "openclinica-3.1-SNAPSHOT" in eclipse - maven envirenment but when I try to run the code source for test, some errors occurs "Building workspace encountred errors". Please, if any one have a tutorial about installing and running the development release, he can help me.

Many thanks to all .  


  • kristiakesourcekristiakesource Posts: 133
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    Try to download the RC_1 3.2 and follow the detailed install instructions in the documentation for 3.1. To take any shortcuts, do everything exactly as it is stated then it will work.

  • Lourimi afifLourimi afif Posts: 3
    Thank you for your reply, I will try.
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