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I have multiple studies and want to make sure my users don't enter the wrong study by mistake and put data in (since quite a few CRFs are the same)


Is there a way I can define in the system that a person's password has to start with certain letters or specific characters? Or can this only be done with the Username?




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    Hi Michelle!

    An investigator, CRC similar can only access the studies and CRF's assigned to their username! A CRA or administrator can access all studies-


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    What I meant was, as the Data manager who builds the study and provides the Usernames to people...could I define in the study that a user that creates a new password will have to create a new password that starts for example with "SM".

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    No Michelle you can only require "lower case" an or "upper case", digits, special characters, min length, max length.
    I do not se the meaning to to start with e.g. "SM". As I said, a data entry user can only see the patients of the study o which they have access!


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    Hi Michelle

    Another option is to modify the login page in a way that makes clear which study the user is entering. We use the study name and different colors to help the user to distinguish the studies (and to avoid entering the wrong one).

  • vidyadharpujarividyadharpujari Posts: 11
    Hi Michelle,

    In my opinion since you can configure the username you can decide a particular format for e.g. Name of Sponsor_Study name_Initials of person accessing it or any other format, which might be easily identifiable. 


    Dr. Vidyadhar S Pujari
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