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If Then Else

Hello everyone,

in the forum I saw the solution how to use the decode function in order to build the If-Then-Else equivalent. This works great if field1 is only one value (NULL, 1, 2, etc.).

(IF field1 is NULL THEN field2 = "0" ELSE field2 = "1")   --->   func: decode(field1,NULL,0,1)
see: https://www.openclinica.com/forums#/discussion/7384/if-then-statements-in-calculated-fields

Is it possible to test something like that:

(IF field1 < value1 THEN field2 = "0" ELSE field2 = "1")   --->   func: decode(field1, lt(value1), 0, 1)  ---> doesn't work
(IF field1 < value1 or field1 >= value2 THEN field2 = "0" ELSE field2 = "1")
(IF (field1 between value1 and value2 or field1 < value 3) and field2 >= value4 THEN field2 = "0" ELSE field2 = "1")

I hope someone can help.



  • haenselhaensel Posts: 602 ✭✭✭
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    Hi Philipp

    It is not possible to achieve this with the decode function.

    Option 1:
    Rules are designed for elaborated features like this (e.g with

    Option 2:
    Calculating field values using embedded JavaScript has been discussed in
    the past quit often (I have no link at hand).

  • PSeboekPSeboek Posts: 3
    Thanks Christian for your answer!
    I'll try it out.
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