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EmailAction rule is not working

Hi Everyone,

We want to implement an email warning in an OpenClinica built study whenever the PI starts to fill in the Adverse Events CRF in the system.
For the moment this is not working - none of the target email addresses are receiving the notification.
Here is the code we are using for the rule:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <RuleRef OID="R_I_PILOT_PINIT_NN">
            <EmailAction IfExpressionEvaluates="true">
                <Run AdministrativeDataEntry="true"
                    InitialDataEntry="true" DoubleDataEntry="true"
                    ImportDataEntry="false" Batch="true"/>
                <Message>Adverse Event. Please verify in OC.</Message>
                <To>email addresses to be used</To>
    <RuleDef OID="R_I_PILOT_PINIT_NN" Name="Send email for adverse event">
        <Description>Send mail when patient initials for an adverse
            event has been complete</Description>
        <Expression>I_PILOT_PINIT ne &quot;&quot;</Expression>

I have an SMTP server details configured in the "datainfo.properties" within OpenClinica and the regular notifications of the system are received by the study users; this is the only place I was thinking that can influence the "EmailAction" trigger or am I mistaken?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions on this!


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  • lindsay.stevenslindsay.stevens Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
    via Email
    The rule xml looks OK to me. Things to check:

    1. Is the email address string formatted properly (comma separated list, no
    spaces). I have seen others report that emails with a hyphen don't work.

    2. Is the target correct. In "F_PILOT1ADVERS" the 1 looks out of place.
  • enescu.razvanenescu.razvan Posts: 6

    I took a close look in the file rule and we had indeed a white space between 2 email addresses so now it works! Thanks  a lot for the tip!

    The behaviour right now - the email alert is send after the second press of the save command in the AE CRF by the user; would be this the expected behaviour of the system? The rule is applied on the first field of the CRF - subject initials.


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