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Error message to upload new CRF version

Dear OC developpers,

Could you help me to load a new CRF version. My issue is when I load a new one (data entry is already started) I have a error message : the previous version of CRF contains data and cannot be deleted. So I deleted my patients, visits models … I changed version or CRF name, I never manager to upgrade my CRF. Could you explain me how to do ?

In another hand, how can I do to delete definitively (no more see) dummies patients and dummies CRF ?

Many many thanks in advance for your help.

 Kind regards,

Céline Tchaoussoff. CHU Besancon - France


  • PcanardPcanard Posts: 4
    I'm sorry. I forgot.
    I have this version :3.1.4 - Changeset: d4b8764b8be5 "2013-06-20 16:08
    Many many thanks in advance.
    Have a nice day.
    Céline. Besancon - France
  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,339 ✭✭✭
    via Email

    You can find it here https://docs.openclinica.com/3.1/openclinica-user-guide/submit-data-module-overview/crf-version-migration
    Remeber you must not change the name of the new CRF, just the version. Follow the instructions and you will find this very useful. You must change the version for each patient, currently there is no way you can change all patients data in one go! I have asked for this modification that may come in a later version.

    Good luck

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