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Using OpenClinica with CaTissue

Are there any suggestions on easy ways for a scientific researcher to access both deidentified clinical information stored in OpenClinica with specimen availability in CaTissue? I was told that using I2B2 it would take our clinical IT person 3 months to extract the data, which sounds like a more expensive way to do things.


  • sadigasadiga Posts: 17
    Hi Tamrind,

    Which version of caTissue are you using?

    Deploying and using i2b2 can be a mammoth task and is an overkill for this purpose.

    Latest versions of caTissue (not OpenSpecimen) has direct integration between OpenSpecimen and OpenClinica. I will be happy to share further details with you.

  • Tamarind_HamwoodTamarind_Hamwood Posts: 2
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    Hi Sri,
    Thanks for your response. We are currently using caTissue Plus v3.2. I would be very interested to learn more about how these could be integrated.

    Kind regards,
  • sadigasadiga Posts: 17
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    Hi Tamarind,

    We will be happy to setup a call, give you a demo and discuss our use
    cases. Also we are getting ready to release OpenSpecimen v1.0 (which is
    caTissue Plus v40). Please email me at [email protected]


    Srikanth Adiga, *founder* Krishagni Solutions Pvt. Ltd. e:
    [email protected] | t: +91
    9689885079 www.openspecimen.org *(caTissue Plus is now OpenSpecimen!)* *Follow
    OpenSpecimen on Twitter & LinkedIn

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  • bbaumannbbaumann Posts: 105 admin
    Hi Sri,

    Perhaps it would make sense to list OpenClinica-OpenSpecimen integration as an extension on ttps://community.openclinica.com/extensions? 

    - Ben
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