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Style a crf with jquery

alfopcliossalfopclioss Posts: 37
edited June 2014 via Email in General Discussion
Dear all,
taking into account suggestions from the community (many thanks to all),
I'm using jquery to style crfs.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, using the code into the crf, if you need
to change the code after the implementation,
you have to create new crf versions with the work needed to update the

What I thought to avoid this 'extra work' has been to put a link to an
external js file in the
'instructions' column of the crf's section and put all the jquery code
in this js file.

The goal was/is to be able to manage the code without the need to create
other crf versions
(in my experience due to the use of different browsers/releases and/or
mistakes some changes
to allow the correct visualization have been needed).

Even if up to now I did not meet problems, I don't have the 100% of
feeling with the use of jquery vs OC,
so I would like to know from more expert programmers/users if this
solution is a good idea or this
could create problems in the future (correctness of jquery code apart).

Many thanks in advance,

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