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Issues for next releases

alfopcliossalfopclioss Posts: 37
edited June 2014 via Email in General Discussion
Dear all,
I'm writing to underline the importance to implement a 'rule'
functionality that helps programmers in the management of information
between subjects/crfs.

The issue is the possibility to derive a(some) value(s) from a
subject/crf to others through subjects/events.

Some examples:
Through events, we can manage crfs and/or items in 'treatment' events
depending on the answer given to a specific question in a crf at
'baseline' (treatment schedule).
Through subjects, we can use a specific subject for lab ranges and use
it to derive ranges in appropriate lab crfs for the 'study' subjects.

I'm aware about the use of groups and about the use of derivation in the
same event, but I think this opportunity will give us a more efficient
and wider way to manage information.

Are there other users who agree about that? Please, give me your

Sorry and, please, let me know, in case this opportunity already
exists.... currently I did not find iformation about that.

Thanks in advance

Alfonso Pastori
Senior Clinical Systems Analyst
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