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Creating a training environment before study starts

Hi there again!

I'll use Openclinica in the near future for a small study conducted only in three sites. Nevertheless, site staff will need training on the use of the CRF's and other functionalities of OpenClinica. In other EDC platforms it is possible to create training environments where site staff can use all the available tools before entering the "real study environment". It's a kind of "examination" where study staff must first test the platform and just then could fully use it. It is possible to do the same in the free Openclinica edition? 
Other option would be to create another study/site for training purposes only. But I'm not very confortable with this option and I'm open to suggestions.

Thank you all.

Kind regards,



  • adamwebbadamwebb Posts: 1
    Hello David,

    The approach I would take here is to keep your training and live environments completely separate. After building your study, replicate the whole lot to another server and train on there. That way you can always roll-back your test platform for new users, fill it with dummy data, issue training accounts etc. You can also reset your training environment by restoring the original image.

  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,339 ✭✭✭

    I completely agree with Adams suggestions above. We have used this approach with OpenClinica for years. All you have to do is to backup your study, either before any data has been entered or enter some test data, Then you restore this PLSQL data base to another OpenClinica instance preferable on another server or PC. Any machine will do. You will now have an identical copy of your production database to train on.. It is always a good idea to keep a pristine database safely backed up if you ever have to restore it for any purpose including training.

    Good luck

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