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items from Excel sheet do not show in CRF

Dear User Group,
I’ve been using a baseline CRF called version 3.1 with about 25 items (Screen shots 1 & 2) for my study for some time, which has been running with no problems. However I recently wanted to add an item to this CRF. So I created a new version, version 3.2, added the item, previewed it – everything looked fine, so I validated the new version. However when I looked at the new validated version most of the items (from the TTE and ECG section) were missing - screen shots 3 & 4.

I assumed that there had been a glitch so I renamed the new version 3.3 and tried again. Same thing – it looked fine in the preview, all the items were visible including the one I had added in the previous version, but when I validated it even more items had disappeared - cf. screen shot 5.

I checked the metadata and everything is there (Screen shot 6, the arrow points to the item I tried to add which did not exist in version 3.1 of my CRF).

I finally created a completely new CRF using the original worksheet with the additional item I wanted, but the same thing happened – the preview was fine but items were missing when I validated it. Interestingly I added this CRF to a completely different study and it works fine, all the items are there including the one I added.

Does anybody have any idea what’s going on here?

Please help.

Best regards, Georg & Angela.

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