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I am unable to access the community edition

I’ve been creating CRFs in the OpenClinica Community Edition for a number of weeks now and today went to finalise my study for use but I can’t seem to gain access at all. The link I have been using gives me a 404 error – can anyone help?

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  • AdelleBAdelleB Posts: 3
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    Hi Lindsay

    I believe it is installed remotely - I have never downloaded anything and was given access by my line manager (he is out of the office today!).

    I use this link;jsessionid=F2EBCB88902F653A080585AF360ECC12

    This is the error

    [cid:[email protected]]

    I don’t know if Tomcat is started! Is there a way for me to check that?

    I don’t understand as I have never had a problem with access before. Is there a general link to the study build section without having to use the link above? I can’t seem to find one.

    Sorry for being useless!!! ☺


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  • AdelleBAdelleB Posts: 3
    Thank you for the response, it appears to be working now :\">
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