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Can't find java version listed in install instructions


I selected the link that the OpenClinica installation for windows 3.3 documentation sends installers to, but it sends me to update 67 instead of 52. I have tried installing the community version with this  update version of java because I couldn't find the 52 version and it didn't work.

Does anyone know where I can find this version?

I also can't find the tomcat 52. I can only find tomcat 55.

Any help to guide me to that one as well would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you in advance.



  • ruirui Posts: 2
    Hi Sami,

    You can use Java SE Development Kit 7u67 to build the java environment, it doesn't matter, the same thing with Tomcat, you can use 7.0.55, just as the links send you. They both work with OC, I'm using them now and they work fine, Hope it helps.

  • samanthareedsamanthareed Posts: 6
    Thanks Rui, I got it to work! You were right those versions work :)

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