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We got most of the things set up and ready to go. Under the datainfo.properties we have a line that says


our end users cannot access without typing the full url i.e. openclinica.xxx.xxx:8080/OpenClinica is there any way that we can just re direct the URL when a user just type openclinica.xxx.xxx?


  • I was able to figure this out thanks guys!
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    hi all
    am using OC 3.3 , and my machine is running Tomcat 7.
    whenever i load Tomcat for the 1st time it loads well, but when i stop it and add a study, when trying to start again it remains in a state of "Starting" forever and refuses to start. what might be the issue??
    the screen shot i get after a long wait is as attached:

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    I was able to figure this out thanks guys!
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