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We have set up the LDAP properties, so when we now add a new user we could find them, but when we click the plus sign the window just closes and doesn't add any details to the user field any thoughts?


  • Using  OC Version: 3.3, not sure if this is a defect with this version?
  • ccollinsccollins Posts: 383 admin
    There is a Jira ticket for this:

    If you can, please add more detail to the ticket like what browser you are using, type and version of LDAP server, screenshots and logs if possible.

    It seems like this problem has been experienced by at least one other user on other versions of OC. It's not 3.3-specific. 

    Our internal test instance is working fine; we test against an Active Directory server.
  • adevaykinadevaykin Posts: 7

    We have the same problem here - users are searchable but form is not filled when '+' is clicked.
    OpenLDAP is our LDAP server. OpenClinica 3.5.

    I found out that the '+' link always contains an empry 'dn' parameter, regardless of what is in datainfo.properties. When I put correct dn using the Firefox dev tools everything works as expected.
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