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OpenClinica3.4 in Japanese

Hi, i tried to set up OC in japanese.

However, I got following UI (why viewing unicode escape string?).

Could anyone help?



  • hhonshukuhhonshuku Posts: 50
    It looks like an environment issue.  Have you checked supported environment?  Please write your OS version, Java and database versions.
  • TatsuakiTatsuaki Posts: 4
    I'm very glad to your response.
    I appreciate to your OC internationalization (for japanese) [Must to have]activities. 
    In my case, OC3.4 in default language is no problem.  
    Could you tell me your next idea?

    My environment is following:
    Windows 7 32bit(running on VMware fusion):;
    tomcat 7.0;
    postgres 8.4;
    jdk 1.7.0_67.

  • mokadamokada Posts: 10
    It seems that the "downloaded for use" *_ja.properties files from transifex are corrupted. 

    The escape character is doubled in all strings.
    For example,  there is "And = \\u53ca\\u3073" in downloaded words_ja.properties, which should be "And = \u53ca\u3073".

    I converted all strings by unix sed filter "s/\\\\u/\\u/g" , then it worked.

  • TatsuakiTatsuaki Posts: 4
    edited October 2014
    Dear, mokada,

    Thank you so much.
    I can view OC 3.4 in Jananese UI.

    Have a nice day!

    procedure memo;
    1)Convert "¥¥" to "¥" (for windows) in all **_ja.propaties file using text editor.
    2)tomcat restart.
    ※Conversion is not completely.Some characters were garbled yet. But, I think it is correctable.
  • hhonshukuhhonshuku Posts: 50
    I confirmed the unwanted extra backslash issue.  I will look into it.
    Best regards.
  • hhonshukuhhonshuku Posts: 50
    Hi everyone,

    It turned out to be Transifex doesn't work the way a native Asian wishes, so I am planning to move Japanese properties files to GitHub.

    Unfortunately this will discard updates made by mokjpn.  Please let me know if this will be an issue.  Once we move them to GitHub, updates will be much easier.

    Best regards.
  • TatsuakiTatsuaki Posts: 4
    via Email
    Hi, Hiro,

    I'm tatsuaki.

    I think it is no problem.
    (But, I am worried about update of internationalization methods pages.)

    thank you.

    2014-11-06 6:17 GMT+09:00 hhonshuku :
  • mokadamokada Posts: 10
    Hi, Hiro,

    I welcome your plan. I made some changes on Transifex as mokjpn, but I'm more familiar with GitHub, so I will make same changes as pull request.

  • hhonshukuhhonshuku Posts: 50
    I just posted Japanese properties files to GitHub.  I wait for your pull request  ;)

    I wasn't clear about your concern.  Appreciate if you send me a private message in Japanese regarding your concern.

    Best regards.
  • hhonshukuhhonshuku Posts: 50
    Hi all,

    I just wanted to let you know I will be out of country until December so please don't be alarmed when I don't respond 


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