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Rules Expression

hi everyone,
I set a table in the CRF,now,I will set a edit check by Rules designer,I check a first row.and my Expression like this:F_CB_5092_V10.IG_CB_8995[1].I_CB_PEDESC_8950 eq "" and F_CB_5092_V10.IG_CB_8995[1].I_CB_PERES_2695 eq 2.isn't it identify [1]? 
so the Expression will be like this:F_CB_5092_V10.IG_CB_8995.I_CB_PEDESC_8950 eq "" and F_CB_5092_V10.IG_CB_8995.I_CB_PERES_2695 eq 2,Do you think so?
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