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How do you track DM review in this database?



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    @eemshwil a decent review tracking method I set up last year that copes
    with complex views of data is to track a row hash.

    What this means is you have a query for data cleaning, for a simple example
    a table that lists all the visit dates in the visit CRF across all events.

    In postgres (using pgcrypto extension) or Access (using VBA) add a column
    to the view which computes a hash (e.g. sha512) of the row values, and add
    a column with just the name of the view. Then use these hash and name
    columns as primary keys to a table for tracking review, which may also have
    the current date, and the reviewer name, for example. If the data changes,
    the hash will change and so it will be clear another review is needed.

    A more exact method of this which I've considered but not implemented yet
    is to replace the hash with an array of the item data ids.

    @cal customisable discrepancy note types would probably do the trick for
    this, since notes can be attached to all ODM object types already and the
    interface is there for managing them. Maybe the easy version would be the
    ability to make named note types with the annotation behaviour; the hard
    version being the query note behaviour with customisable status names. It
    would be great either as a study or instance level configuration.
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    I like your approach, could save us lots of work!



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