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Import Rule Error: Invalid content was found starting with element 'Run'

drakosdrakos Posts: 16

Hello Everybody.

I'm trying to create a rule that will insert a value in "CRF B" when a field in "CRF A" has a specific value range. Both CRFs are in the same event. OC version is 3.5.

When I create the rule using the Designer, fields have relative OIDs (e.g. I_DIAGN_DIAG04 instead of SE_PREMIREVISITE.F_DIAGNOSTIC.IG_DIAGN_UNGROUPED.I_DIAGN_DIAG04) and the insertion is not happening.

I tried to download the rule (xml), edit the field OIDs and then import the rule back to OC.

Unfortunately, during the import process I'm always getting this error message, even if I only edit the rule's OID:

Your XML is not well formed, and does not comply with the Rules schema. Check it and try again. It returned the message: Line : -1 - cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'Run'. One of '{DestinationProperty}' is expected.

Here is the rule:

        <RuleRef OID="RLTEST21">
            <InsertAction IfExpressionEvaluates="true">
                <DestinationProperty OID="I_DIAGN_DIAG04" Value="2">
                <Run AdministrativeDataEntry="true"
                    InitialDataEntry="true" DoubleDataEntry="true"
                    ImportDataEntry="false" Batch="false"/>
    <RuleDef OID="RLTEST21" Name="RLTEST21">
        <Expression>I_POLYA_RADIAG13_7896 gte 6</Expression>

Thank you,

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  • drakosdrakos Posts: 16

    Thank you Thasbiha, your replies worked like a charm.

    Kind regard, Iannis

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