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Has anyone been able to get OC Participate (i.e., OC + Enketo or ODK) working?

I tried following the directions for this here:

I am not able install enketo-express-oc on a debian virtualbox, keep getting errors. I tried both the manual and the Vagrant method of installing. I was able to get the ODK Aggregate to work in the pre-packaged VM but am not able to connect it in anyway to the 3.5 OpenClinica install. The 3.5 OpenClinica does not even show the option to mark certain eCRFs as participant forms.

I am wondering if any of you have tried this and succeeded or if this is something that will only work for enterprise customers.


  • stanncstannc Posts: 7
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    As an update to this issue. I was able to successfully install enketo-express as well as enketo-express-oc. Also, installed the latest official version of openclinica as well as the latest snapshot from github. I am able to connect enketo-express to a local install of ODK aggregate and submit forms, so the enketo-express install works. I am also able to fill in the ODK aggregate forms using the ODK Android app. The OpenClinica install works as well.

    But I am not able to get the formList from OpenClinica. It seems that I am missing something. Here is what I tried:
    >I specified the PortalURL in datainfo.properties for OpenClinica and OpenClinica-ws (i.e., PortalURL=
    >I then tried getting the formList in the browser using enketo-express-oc:
    >I also tried accessing the formList using ODK Collect, but get the error "Form listing failed. http://oclocalip:8080/OpenClinica/rest2/openrosa/1/formList responded with: Internal Server Error (500).
    >Going to in the browser brings up an openclinica page with the message "Oops! An error has occurred".

    It must be something basic that I am not understanding. I would appreciate if someone can point out what I am doing incorrectly.

    Thank you
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  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,338 ✭✭✭
    Unfortunately it won't work just like that!

    We were very surprised to find out that Participate is not free of charge. Apparently you must subscribe to a part of it running on OpenClinica LLC servers in the UK or US, You would have to pay a certain fee depending on how much you use it. It becomes rather expensive at the end and for us working with academic institutions we can not afford it. We were fotunate to be able to test it before the release and were very impressed how well it worked. We still hope that it will become a true open source! It is really something that we would find very useful.
    May be Cal can explain this further on the forum.


  • lindsay.stevenslindsay.stevens Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
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    I thought there were a few API bits / other updates in 3.6 required to make
    Participate work. Or are there deployments already with 3.5?

    The fees / location thing would probably be tied to the SMS reminder
    feature. Cal said a while back that Participate is open source / able to be
    set up locally, but if that has changed it would be good to get some
  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,338 ✭✭✭
    Hi Lindsay,

    During the early spring we were rather involved with the testing of Participate, We got access to a 3.5 Community Edition and were working closely together with the University of Linkoping in Sweden. They wanted to use the Participate application for the collection of sport injuries during the World Athletic Champs in Beijing in August. Unfortunately this did not pan out because it suddenly became apparent to us that we had to run it on a OpenClinica LLC server based in the US or UK and that it would be involving a cost of a total of 50 000 USD for the first year. This was clearly beyond any anything that a small research unit at the university would be able to afford so we have put in on ice until it becomes real open source. Hopefully soon! The product is definitely a breakthrough in the application of patient collecting data using the BYOD method.

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    Hi Stan,

    Thanks for trying it out. I have been able to request the formlist
    successfully in the past using ODK Collect, it's not clear to me exactly
    where you're having issues. Can you issue the formlist request to OC by
    pasting the URL into your browser? What do you get?

    As noted in the documentation, overall this API is not production-ready yet
    but you can track the progress at

    Lindsay, Krister -

    Our near-term goal is to enable enketo-express, or other OpenRosa clients
    like ODK Collect, to work with OpenClinica seamlessly, whether its OC
    Community, Enterprise, or your own custom build. This part of the work is
    all 100% open source and will happen faster the more people contribute to
    the development & testing. The complete Participate product relies on
    enketo, but the whole platform is not currently 100% open source (Lindsay,
    I don't think I ever said it was but apologies if I didn't clearly
    communicate). The major pieces of Participate are:

    - Forms - using enketo-express. 100% open source
    - Scheduling and notifications - powered by the OpenClinica Rules
    Engine. 100% open source (though it uses a 3rd party service to send SMS,
    the connection to that is not OSS)
    - Participant 'Dashboard' - handles participant security/authentication,
    UI for access to forms, messages, securely mediates form submissions,
    administrative backend - not currently open source.

    Right now using Participate requires OpenClinica Enterprise. This is so we
    can focus on ensuring it is well-supported, secure and reliable for our
    initial customers. Down the road we hope to make it available as a (paid)
    module for Community Edition users, though we need to be sure it can be
    secured and supported reliably in the CE context first, which is much more
    diverse and varied set of environments than for Enterprise Edition.
    Regarding pricing mentioned by Krister, I won't go into detail here but
    will say it's a pay per form-submitted model. If you already have
    OpenClinica Enterprise or start with a single study OCE subscription in our
    cloud environment, most studies will cost far less $50k.

    I'd love to make everything we do open source. We invest millions of
    dollars each year in improving and maintaining OpenClinica and need to have
    a sustainable business to continue doing so. The biggest criteria is, will
    open sourcing feature X make the software better? That means there has to
    be some level of contribution in development, testing, design, best
    practices, integrations/extensions, or that we can expect $ to sponsor
    development of a feature.

    Lindsay and Krister, you are two of the biggest contributors and have
    helped make OpenClinica the vibrant community that it is. But the truth of
    the matter is the OpenClinica LLC engineering team still writes and tests
    ~90% of the core code. That brings me to one of the reasons we're moving
    not just Participate, but all of OpenClinica, to a new architecture.
    Getting under the hood of the core Java code is hard - it's a complex
    architecture, the tools have a lot of overhead, and if you don't do it as a
    full time job it's hard to make progress. So, we're investing in tools like
    enketo not just because they are great at what they do, but because we
    believe it will make developing and extending OpenClinica more accessible
    to many of you, and that working with the existing OSS communities around
    these tools will bring great benefits. See
    http://blog.openclinica.com/2015/03/19/engineering-openclinicas-future/ for
    a description of the trajectory we're on.

    Believe it or not, this stuff is developing really fast and you'll start
    seeing it in our git repository soon. At OC15 we talked about an
    open-source OpenClinica Toolkit which will comprise a few basic components,
    with examples and scripts to help you get started quickly. The major
    components include:

    - an OC UI 'Skeleton', so you can build dashboards, reports, and views of
    your own, share them, and re-use them (v 0.1 coming soon)
    - the enketo form engine tied to OC, for both patient forms and clinical
    eCRFs (let's get that OpenRosa API working!)
    - an API that is JSON/REST based. Like the current API, it will continue to
    use ODM as the basic information model but will use more of a microservices

    Our goal is to use this approach (and enable others to use it) to quickly
    create functionality that is powerful, flexible, and mobile-friendly. The
    OpenClinica 3.x code base and database schema will continue to serve as the
    backend, and over time most of the modules in the current OpenClinica user
    interface will be replaced by similar (better!) functionality based on this
    toolkit, and it will be possible to add new modules as well.

    Feedback welcome! I'm sure this sounds a bit abstract right now but we'll
    share some tangible examples soon.

  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,338 ✭✭✭
    Hi Cal,

    Thanks for the in depth explanations and for sharing your visions for the future development.


  • stanncstannc Posts: 7
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    Hi Cal,

    Thank you for your response. When trying to get the fomrList from the browser using takes me to an OpenClinica page with the message "Oops! An error has occurred". There is no other meaningful error message on the page. Is the address I am inputting into the browser incorrect? Also, what should be the PortalURL in the datainfo.properties if I am trying to get the formList using ODK collect on Android or is the PortalURL not really required for this?

    Thank you,

  • ccollinsccollins Posts: 383 admin
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    Hi Stan

    Replace the '1' in your URL with the Study OID you are accessing, eg:[STUDY_OID]/formList

    Note, make sure you're logged in to this study as a valid user.

  • stanncstannc Posts: 7
    Thank you, I thought I tried that before, but now I see that I was making a typo in the STUDY_OID (S_DEFAULT1S instead of S_DEFAULTS1). I have one form added to the study and I am logged in as root. Now the page just simply does not load at all in the browser. In ODK Collect however, I am getting a new error: Form listing failed. http://localip:8080/OpenClinica/rest2/openrosa/S_DEFAULTS1/fromList responded with: No Content (204).
  • ccollinsccollins Posts: 383 admin
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    Do you have at least one CRF added to an event definition in your study and
    marked as a 'Participant Form'?
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