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Installing Extension Extract to SAS, R, CSV

Hello, I am trying to install this extension on OC 3.5, but without success. I can't see how it can be installed.
Could anyone please help me?



  • lindsay.stevenslindsay.stevens Posts: 404 ✭✭✭
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    There is no installation as such. These are XSL scripts that you can run on
    an ODM XML extract file.

    On Windows you can use the provided Powershell scripts to run the
    transforms, which calls the system XSL library.

    On Linux and Windows, you can use the Saxon library included in the
    OpenClinica distribution, which runs with Java.

    To make this stuff easier, you can set them up as an OpenClinica extract
    option. See the example extract.properties file for the kind of changes

    Note that the existing SPSS extract is an example of setting multiple XSL
    transforms with multiple output files.

    The provided SAS map XSL isn't mandatory, but provides a way to replace the
    item group oid with a friendly name. So it is study specific.

    For CSV, you'll get one file with all the item groups together. The CSV
    Powershell file has code to split it up into separate files.

    If you search this forum you might find some posts with more details on all
    this. It will help us help you if you include in your posts:

    1. What you tried
    2. What happened
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