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CRF opens then reverts back to matrix

Hi All,

When I click on "Enter data" the crf opens. Half way though loading the crf it reverts back to the matrix. Anyone had this problem. It happens in all the browsers (IE/Chrome/FireFox)


  • kristiakkristiak Posts: 1,338 ✭✭✭
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    Which version do you use and what is your operating system? Have you tried to stop Tomcat and to restart it? Have you tried to reboot the server? I have never seen this during my 9 years experience with OC.


  • Version: Win 7. I don't have acces to tomcat or the server. My admin checked openclinica and the server and nothing out of the ordinary was seen by him.

    I think I have the solution. The crf is very big and the client wanted all the cells in one tab. It's to score MRI's on 21points, with every point consisting of 15 to 50 options.

    I now distributed the points over 4 tabs and now I don't have this problem.

    Thanks for your help


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