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How can I send email when new subject enroll.

How can I send email to me when new subject enroll.

Yes there is rule for such intimation. But rule show message while save subject, I wann email should send silently without prompt for Data entry person.

Please guide me

My openclinica version 2.3 (Ubuntu)

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  • Nilesh PatelNilesh Patel Posts: 6
    Same as my Problem


    With rule investigator get Message ( the validation of the rule).

    please help me god
  • Nilesh PatelNilesh Patel Posts: 6
    Hi GerbenRienk

    First really thanks for prompt reply, I do check

  • Nilesh PatelNilesh Patel Posts: 6
    Hello ..GerbenRienk

    Your direction is perfect when we want intimation on basis of any CRF item.

    But it didn’t work for me because I require intimation when new subject enroll user might not fill event->ERF after enroll in this case we didn't get email.

    And as we can attend any event & fill CRF so it’s hard to define rule on which CRF define rule.

    Please guide correct way might be I taken wrong way.
  • Nilesh PatelNilesh Patel Posts: 6
    Hello Gerben

    Is there proper way to do this ?

    I am planning to do customization i had studied that table 'Subject' is affected while we do enroll new subject and this database table had trigger 'global_subject_insert_update' so i am planning to do entry in new table when insert occur and do code in PHP ( as i only know) once successful mail sent delete entry all .

    if silly you may laugh.. but please guide me...

  • Nilesh PatelNilesh Patel Posts: 6
    Hello ...

    Thanks for reply... for me it not possible to upgrade from 3.2 to 3.6 as study is going on. And my server has limitation of tomcat version also.

    but sure for next study i use latest one...now for me only one way dirty path...

    once again thanks Ccollins...

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