Clarify Client Browser requirements

I would like to hear comments about the need to ameliorate the way Client Browser requirements for OpenClinica are documented and notified.

I have noted that while in the User Documentation the definition of the System Requirements for the Client unit tends to specify compatibility with the latest browser/versions verified at the time of new sw release and emphasize advantages of adoption of new browser versions, there is less attention to state compatibility with older browser/versions possibly in use.
This causes a critical level of uncertainty in the group of Users running older browser versions. These Users, that are most probably part of organizations in which there is a tight control on software installed on client workstations and are constrained to more established/older browser versions, need some more explicit statement about continuing compliance of their workstations with OpenClinica sw requirements.

As far as I know a certain level of testing of new OpenClinica sw versions on older browser versions is executed and a check of the browser/version vs. the list of those qualified for the use of the specific OpenClinica version is automatically executed when the OpenClinica home page is shown (a warning message is consequently shown if the check fails, e.g. with Chrome or IE6).

I would thus suggest that, reflecting the approach adopted in OpenClinica development and testing, the definition of the System Requirements for the Client unit part of the User Documentation
- includes the specification of the set of compliant browser/versions, and
- emphasizes that if the browser (or version) is not qualified for the use of the running OpenClinica version a warning message will be presented on the OpenClinica home page when it is accessed by the User.

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  • kkrumliankkrumlian Posts: 25
    Thank you Armando for your note. We will take that into consideration in our future OpenClinica releases.
  • abertuzziabertuzzi Posts: 51
    Hi kkrumlian,
    thank you for your comment.

    Based on knowledge gained in the development & testing process and from users experience can we state that OpenClinica version 3.4/3.5 can be safely used with Internet Explorer versions 7 to 11+ and Firefox versions 3.0 to 30 ?

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