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rules specific to single CRF versions

Is it possible to have rules fire only for a single versions of a CRF? I have tried to use the CRF version OID in the target and/or in the rule expression (e.g. F_CRF_Version_OID.IG_Group_OID.I_Item_OID). In all cases the rule fires for all CRF versions not just the one I specified in the path.


  • Hi,
    Have you tried assigning an unique identifier to each CRF outside of OC and then include the unique CRF identifier in your OpenClinica form?

    Then, each time you change CRF versions, you could increment this unique identifer and create the rule to only fire when the unique CRF identifier created outside OC is equal to the version necessary?

    Not sure if this may be of help.

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