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Cannot get it running on my Linux

I've followed all the steps that were specified in the installation instruction.
However, when I tried to start tomcat, I always got the following message:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Circular variable reference detected while parsing input [${log.dir} --> ${log.dir}]

Could some one kindly give me some hint about what is going on?




  • BinaryVisionBinaryVision Posts: 42
    What do you have specified for the Log directory path in the datainfo.properties in the openclinica.config directory?
  • Csaba.HalmagyiCsaba.Halmagyi Posts: 54 ✭✭
    Hi John,

    Just faced this issue a few minutes ago.
    Solution: Give all variables in your datainfo.properties an actual value.

    So instead of using log.dir=${log.dir} use log.dir=log.dir=${catalina.home}/logs/openclinica-ws .


  • parvizzzparvizzz Posts: 2
    edited May 5

    I also have the same problem in my Windows and I tried changing the value of log.dir to log.dir=log.dir=${catalina.home}/logs/openclinica-ws but still, get the same error. Please help, thanks.
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