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Discrepancy flags all showing red on newly opened CRF

We have a long-running live study in v3.1.3.1 - data entry has been in progress for several years. Suddenly we have observed that whenever we open a blank CRF to start data entry, EVERY field has a red flag. If we go ahead and enter data and save, the discrepancies disappear. But the red flags are appearing on every new form we open (not restricted to one CRF or one Event). Clicking on any of the red flags opens the popup you'd expect from an existing discrepancy.... except that the Audit History says "No changes made to the data point since initially entered on 01-Jan-1970" which sort of makes sense since no data has EVER been entered.

Once data has been entered and saved and the flags return to normal blue we can view and also extract the data (as far as I can see). But it doesn't appear in the Audit Trail.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Michael Hannah
Tayside Clinical Trials Unit
University of Dundee

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